Medieval-monster-brocade-thing in red and blue

Now for something which has been pretty exactly a year in the making. I was asked by a friend to make an “impressive looking band” about “ye wide” and matching his impressive looking dark plum medieval cloak.

First we spent at least half a year back and forth considering colours and testing techniques, until he finally decided that he wanted red and blue after all. Then I tested some more designs before the thesis-monster gobbled me up whole and I went underground for a couple of months.


The first design I tested was a krusband design, 6.5 cm wide. But this gave me associations to the Marius sweater, a quite well known Norwegian sweater design (and we just couldn’t have that):


So it was straight back to the drawing board, and I had to admit that the only thing suitable for a cloak of his caliber would be a brocaded band. Oy wey.


The pattern is early 16th century taken from Anne Neuper’s Modelbuch, with a minor adaption to work in my friend’s mark. It is in 16/2 linen, 49 (red) pattern cards, 61 cards in total and 6.5 cm wide. Each 10 cm pattern report took roughly 2 hours, so I estimate at least 80 hours pure brocade weaving, and then adding all the time spent on other things like colour, design, warping and threading on top of that.

The relief I felt when you start out here:

monsterpiece wip


And end up here:


Can scarcely be explained in words.

20140803_191633small600wide, Image by Liv Elin

Now I just really, really hope he likes it, and I can’t wait to see it in action!


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