Hallstatt 1 reconstruction

Delving a bit further back than I usually do, I tried my hand at a Hallstatt reconstruction. Usually dated to late bronze/early iron age (~1100 BC), Hallstatt is a famous archaelogical site in Austria, and one I certainly have renewed appreciation for after having tried this pattern!

Hallstatt ritrovamenti

The reconstruction I chose to do is the one at the very top, also called Hallstatt 1 by other card weavers, and it is a beautiful, fairly complex thing. Especially after looking at so many viking age reconstructions where most of the material is brocaded.

I chose to do my reconstruction in some lovely wool, plant-dyed by Sabine Ringenberg and I have been getting some really lovely, consistent results with this wool.

Halstatt 1

I easily admit that I fought a bit with this pattern to begin with. It’s one of those fiddly ones where you have to pay attention all the time, because if you mess it up, it will carry on throughout the weaving.

Halstatt 2

But I really like this pattern and I’d love to do more similar things. I just wish there were more findings like this from the viking age too, and not just mainly brocade (which has survived and been found so far, anyways).

Material: Plant-dyed wool
Number of cards: 19
Width: 2 cm
Lenght: 2 meters
Time period: ~1100 BC
Weaving time: ~12 hours


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