The work that grows

So, over the past two weeks I have been back in the best city I know, Tromsø, visiting my best friends in the whole world, just really having an awesome time and sadly watching as time flies by all too fast.

One of the things I had planned to do while I was there, was to weave a 2 meter card weaving ribbon that my wonderful friend Liv had ordered a while back. She loves Egyptian diagonals so I figured it would be an easy one, but you know… stuff kind of escalates, and she’s good at saving stuff she likes off the internet.

So we sat down to look at her folder of images. I slept on the whole thing and the next morning I drew up some patterns.

And here is the result.

Livbånd1 liten

Sorry for the poor quality. It was weaved “on the spot” in Tromsø without anything but my phone camera, and it’s also staying there so… blurry image. But trust me when I say it is actually a nice woad-like blue colour, accented by undyed dark brown and off-white wool.

She seemed satisfied at least.

Now, off to start drafting and testing for the henceforth dubbed “maddness-ribbon”.


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