Birka reconstruction based on resources by Agnes Geijer

After the Trondheim reconstruction, I was left with some warp that was too long to just discard, but at the same time, I didn’t want to keep doing the Trondheim brocade. Variety is the spice of life, etc. etc.

So what could I do? Having to stick to a specific number of cards, my opportunities were limited. But eventually, I landed on doing one of the many brocaded fragments from Birka in Sweden.

Birka Geijer4

After some digging around on the interwebs, I found what I think is a picture of the original, albeit taken with glass between the camera and the bands.

Birka Agnes Geijer

A detail of the band can be seen here:

Birka Geijer4_detail

Materials: 60/2 silk for the warp and gold wound around a silk core for the brocade
Time: 20 hours
Site: Birka (8th-10th century), I think this is Birka BIII (B3)
Number of cards: 23
Width: 1 cm
Length: 60 cm


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